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The PHUNK SQUAD is a collective of positive people who are fans of real music, played by real people with real instruments. The PHUNK SQUAD was created by fans of the Grammy nominated band, The GroovaLottos as par of an effort to spread the power of 'The Groove' to the people in needs of positive vibes, and musical medicine.

The PHUNK SQUAD is curated by Song Keepers, Ltd. and keeps members apprised of such music programs as:

PHUNK HITS & PARTIES in and around New England

As a special gift for joining The PHUNK SQUAD, The GroovaLottos want to share songs from the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) E.P.

Just fill in the form below and get your exclusive, high resolution mp3 (320 kbps) downloads of "For My NDN Relations" and "DEEP Soul Chants & Hollers"!!!

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